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Pfeiffer's Dr senfieber - the underestimated virus

The best therapy is to take care of yourself and to completely sleep off the infection in bed.
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Kiss with consequences

Pfeiffer's glandular fever is becoming more severe in adults. Reason: too much stress, too little sleep - with life-threatening consequences.

Fever, swollen lymph nodes, tiredness, pain in the neck and muscles - what is often misinterpreted as a flu can be a serious virus infection: glandular fever. If the disease is abducted, years later health consequences can occur. You should know about the virus:


About 95 percent of all Europeans are infected until the age of 30 with the Eppstein Barr Virus (EBV), a pathogen of the herpes family. The infection is usually via saliva, such as when kissing. Often the virus dormant for years inactive in the body. The infected does not feel it. However, if the pathogen becomes active, the glandular fever breaks out.


In a childhood illness, this is often confused with a mild flu infection. It sounds fast again. In adults, however, the Pfeifferische glandular fever can last up to five weeks . It usually causes severe flu-like symptoms such as chills and body aches, swollen lymph nodes and inflamed tonsils, but especially massive fatigue. A laboratory test provides clarity: antibodies can be detected no later than a few weeks after the infection.


Those who bypass the glandular fever inhibit healing and risk complications. Since the infection z. For example, if the spleen is temporarily enlarged, it can rupture during exercise. Carrying over is also risky because exhaustion can remain permanent. Some sufferers complain of persistent fatigue years after the onset of the disease. Alarming: A recent data comparison shows that the proportion of severe disease progresses. In the past, only every twentieth person affected had to expect long-term consequences. One possible reason: more and more people do not cure the supposed flu, but go to work with it. So they endanger their own health and infect others.


So far, there is neither a vaccine nor drugs against Pfeiffer's glandular fever . Only the symptoms can be treated. A serious illness may require hospitalization. The best therapy is to look after yourself and to sleep well in bed. Home remedies help to relieve the flu-like symptoms. Garlic helps against sore throat, onion sac for earache and coffee with lemon juice for headache. Patients with an intact immune system are then protected for life from a new disease.

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