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Restaurant visit Secret reveals: Restaurants do not want you to order a dessert

Actually, the waiter does not even want you to order a dessert: an economist explains why desserts are unprofitable.

Should we rather do without it in the future?
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"Anything else?" The question, which usually closes a restaurant visit and in which we are only too happy to be carried away to a small calorie bomb, should be made reluctant by the cellars. Because, what we did not know before: tiramisu, crème caramel and as our favorite desserts are otherwise called, are for restaurants mostly absolutely uneconomical.

As economist and Professor Tyle Cowen told the US magazine Washington Post, desserts are no longer money to buy today. Overall, the profits in the catering industry are dwindling today; Most of the turnover can be made with drinks .

Desserts are not worth it for restaurants

According to Cowen, desserts are often costly and expensive to produce, because the ingredients should be as refined and exciting as possible. Nevertheless, hardly a guest will be ready to leaf through 20 euros for a dessert. In addition, restaurants benefit greatly from the mass consumed over the course of an evening. Desserts are particularly "uneconomic": those who have eaten appetizers and main courses in thirty minutes need almost as long to celebrate the dessert. But that does not mean that we should be able to swallow our dessert in the future. The restaurateurs would be very helpful if we just order a glass of wine in the future for our dessert .