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Crochet pattern for a Vasenhusse

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Beautify your flower vase

With this refined Vasenhusse you can repossess a decayed vase very quickly. Just follow our crochet pattern.

Vasehusse: Size about 8cm in diameter and 24 cm high

You need this material:

  • AnchorStyleCreativa (100% cotton, length about 70 m / 50 g) in color 00108 lilac, 100 g
  • Crochet Hook No. 4


Cast on 52 stitches, close with a chain stitch to the ring and work into the ring according to the crochet pattern. Replace the 1st stick of each round with 3 air stitches or work an airlock in front of a fixed loop at the beginning of the round. Close each round with 1 sliver stitch or a sturdy stitch in the appropriate initial stitch. Between the start of the round and the end of the round, complete the pattern in the same way. In the height the 1.-3. Work round once, then repeat the 2nd and 3rd round 12 times and finally the 2nd to 4th round. Run the round once more. Attention! In the 2nd and 3rd round after each round turn the work and work the next round in the opposite direction, always following the directional arrows.

Here you will find the complete manual again as PDF for download!