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Prince Haakon & Marius: Model for patchwork families

Prince Haakon with his stepson Marius.
Photo: Getty Images

A perfect father-son-team

It takes a lot of time and patience to make two families one. And that's exactly what Prince Haakon (40) seems to have a knack for. Because he cares like a biological father for his stepson Marius, who is now already 16 years and a real little gentleman.

He owes that to his stepfather, Prince Haakon . He makes no distinction between his children. And he also clearly counts Marius. In his wedding speech, he said to his bride, Mette-Marit, "I thank you for giving me the opportunity to live with Marius, which alone is a present."

Touching words that were not just said empty. Stone Erik Ulvund, a professor of education, loudly said "Billed Bladet": "The Crown Prince in particular has been working hard to make the relationship between him and Marius develop well." Haakon is a nice guy who wishes all people the best came into his family, he was aware that he should be close to him for the rest of his life. "

Prince Haakon is a symbol of modern patchwork families and a role model for other stepfathers. "It has an important symbolic value, showing others that this form of family is a holistic and equal life path, " says Stein Erik Ulvund.

You see happiness in the family. So it could not be better for Prince Haakon right now. After all the initial difficulties a real relief. Maybe that's why you see the crown prince family lately more and more often in private moments. They enjoy their life and want to let the world share their family happiness ...