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4 reasons that make a charm bracelet something special

Clink, clink, my bracelet always clinks a bit when I work on the computer or make-up in the morning, for example. And each of the small Klimper trailers is a very special memory for me.

Charm bracelets are totally popular
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That's why I love my charm bracelet that way.

In German the popular bracelets with many small charms are called Charm Bracelets . Especially in the 60s, the bracelets were popular. No matter where you went on holiday, there was a small reminder from everywhere in the form of a charm for the charm bracelet.

Their comeback experienced the charm bracelets a few years ago. Companies such as Pandora, Thomas Sabo or Esprit made the charm bracelet again the favorite piece of jewelery. And now you can buy countless charms for every occasion.

And to love his charm band, there are many reasons

1. Each pendant combines with a memory : Whether a small charm for the birth of the child or the mini Berlin gate for a nice visit to Berlin. There is the right charm for every moment. And every charm reminds me of a beautiful moment.

2. Charms are the perfect gift: If I do not know what to ask for, a pendant for my bracelet is the gift that makes me happy. AND: It's totally easy to get. I just have to send my husband to the store and he comes back with a new trailer.

3. My charm bracelet is never out of fashion: If I fancy summer and bright colors I use the right pendant. In winter I often like it a bit glittering and with more gold. That too is not a problem for my bracelet.

4. Charms are perfect as a gift: I not only like to receive charms, but also give them away as a gift. Some small symbol always connects me with the person I am giving and with a small pendant I can express that perfectly.

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