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Stars inspire carnival

Kaneval 2013: Stars as clowns

Helau! Alaaf!

Stars as harlequin
Soon it will be carnival again. To sweeten the anticipation of the fifth season, Photoshop artists have turned celebrities into clowns. Whether Johnny Depp, Kristen Stewart or Leonardo DiCaprio, they all became a black and white Harlequin & Co. with one click. We show the best "disguises".

Carnival is coming up and we wondered what the celebrities could dress like this: Cat? Dracula? Witch? For some Photoshop artists around the world, the answer is: Clowns, Harlequin & Co.

We show you celebrity carnival clowns in the gallery (18 pictures)!

That's why they teamed up on the website to "dress up" stars like Scarlett Johansson, Tom Cruise and Mila Kunis with white faces, black-rimmed eyes and red lips. Some of the works are so amazingly real that you would think they were authentic footage of a fun carnival photo shoot.

Normally Photoshop is the best friend of the stars. Since wrinkles are simply smoothed, the cleavage increased by a mouse click and small bacon rolls quickly conjured away. But obviously the program is also suitable for beautifying the waiting for the carnival and maybe even inspiring us for our own clown costume.

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