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Instructions: How to make a rosehip pillow yourself

Are you still looking for a nice sewing instruction? Then we have a guide for a rose hip pillow for you that will look great on any kitchen bench, sofa, chair or bed.

You can easily make this rosehip pillow yourself
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And the best thing about it: With just a few work steps, you can easily make this pillow yourself. Have fun with the instructions!

For a pillow of 41 x 41 cm
● 45 x 110 cm cotton fabric ("Stoffknoch" over Dawanda, 13, 60 € / m)
● matching sewing thread (department store)
● filling pad
● Tape measure
● Cloth scissors (department store)
● pins
● Sewing machine

And this is how it is done:

1. Cut strips of fabric measuring 45 x 110 cm.

2. The two narrow sides each twice 1 cm inwards
umbügeln. Edge hem.

3. Overlay fabric strips on right to right side of the fabric
overlaps in the middle and creates a piece of 41 x 45 cm.

4. Fix open sides with pins and fix the edges with each
sew together a seam allowance of 2 cm.

5. Turn fabric over.

6. Insert filling pad through the opening.

For an oblong pillow of z. B. 41 x 61 cm fabric of 110 x 65 cm is required. At the 65 cm long edges turn twice and stitch. Then lay them over so that the fabric overlaps 20 cm in the middle and creates a piece of 41 x 65 cm.