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Prevent a heart attack: Red berries reduce the risk

Did you know that protect red berries from heart attack?
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  1. Delicious and healthy
  2. Study result shows positive effect
  3. Anthocyanins protect against heart attack
  4. Red berries can be easily integrated into the diet
  5. Criticism of the study

Delicious and healthy

Although heart attack is still considered a classic men's problem, but women are affected. Reason for this: The menopause, because then the natural protection of female hormones wears off. But you can prevent the risk of a heart attack : just eat more red berries . These are according to a new study as a booster for the female heart.

Study result shows positive effect

As a study from America has shown, women who eat at least three portions of strawberries or blueberries per week can successfully prevent a heart attack . With this diet, it could be said that younger women in particular reduce their risk of heart attack by 32 percent. Whether berry nutrition has the same effect on men has not been studied in this study.

Anthocyanins protect against heart attack

The protective effect is attributed to the anthocyanins contained in red berries. These are herbal substances from the group of flavonoids, which have an antioxidant effect. They should also have vasoprotective and anti-inflammatory properties. The anthocyanins contained in red berries are thus intended to expand the human vessels and thus prevent the formation of clots

Red berries can be easily integrated into the diet

The healthy red berries can easily be incorporated into your weekly diet as part of your diet. Anthocyanins are not only found in strawberries or blueberries, these plant dyes are also found in blackberries, raspberries, black currants, blood oranges, red onions or red cabbage. However, a preventive effect has not yet been proven for these fruits and vegetables.

Criticism of the study

However, some critics complain about the study result. They point out that it has not been sufficiently demonstrated that the participants really did not suffer from a heart attack just because of berry consumption. Healthy flavonoids, which can reduce the risk, would also exist in other foods. These include, among others, whole grains, tea, wine or other fruits and vegetables whose consumption was not taken into account in the investigation.

Experts also point out that a diet rich in red berries can not balance an unhealthy lifestyle. In order to successfully prevent a heart attack, a healthy and balanced diet as well as exercise is generally necessary.

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