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Helmut Kohl: Does he now fulfill the last wish of his dead wife?

Helmut Kohl with his deceased wife Hannelore
Photo: AFP / Getty Images

After the shocking confession of his son

It reveals a tragedy, it is a confession that shakes us all: in his new book "Live what you feel" tells Helmut Kohl's son Walter (49) from the darkest hours of his life ...

A year after the terrible suicide of his beloved mother Hannelore († 68), he also wanted to put an end to his life!

Tragic: His own father Helmut (83) at that time did not even know how it stood with his eldest son. He gave no comfort to the desperate. Already then began what has ended today in a bitter family dispute.

Years ago, the former chancellor broke off contact with his sons. Yet it was the last heart's desire of his late wife Hannelore in her farewell letter: "I wish that you three always understand you well ..."

He was planning his suicide exactly

Walter tells: "I planned my suicide in the form of a staged diving accident. On the day when only one dive safari had to be booked to the Red Sea, deeply contradictory feelings wrestled with each other in me. "At that time the love he felt for his little son triumphed over the thoughts of death.

How will his seriously ill father record these sentences? Will this confession reach his heart, soften it? There is not much time left to fulfill Hannelore's longing for reconciliation ...