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Autumnal deco ideas with checked pattern

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  1. We celebrate the diamond cult!
  2. New roommate
  3. The fine English style
  4. kilt
  5. bag scheme
  6. Tender gang
  7. Nhhelfer

We celebrate the diamond cult!

Autumn has arrived and makes you want to make yourself comfortable in your own four walls. Today, we use fabric scraps in creative ways.

New roommate

Picture above: At the sight of the sweet pillow, not only owl-lovers will have big eyes. But it is also really herzallverliebst in this sweet check pattern !

You need: Cushion cover, pattern, check fabric, tailor's chalk, fabric scissors, felt in white, black, beige and mustard yellow, double-sided ironing fleece

That's how it works:

1. Cutting: Copy the owl template to DIN A 4, cut it out and place it on the check fabric. Trace the outline, cut out the fabric element. Draw on the felts in appropriate color eyes and wings, beak, etc. and cut out.

2. Application : Iron the fabric and felt parts with the iron on the double-sided non-woven fabric and cut again. Stack parts in the correct order. Pull off the respective paper side from the ironing fleece and iron on the respective underlying level. Iron finished owl on the cushion cover.

The fine English style

Does not the console look like imported from Great Britain? She was just a little disguised with a few decor ideas: Cover plate full with decopatch glue, put on plaid decopatch paper. Depending on the size of the console, place several paper sheets in the pattern repeat. Coat everything again with the glue. Cut the appropriate paper strips for the drawers, stick them on as described.

Console, about 349 €: Car. Porcelain torch, approx. 38 €: Wagner & Apel. Vase "Ink", about 15 €: Asa Selection


This checkered lampshade has style and presents its new fall look. Our tip for the reading corner: sew a pillow made of the same plaid fabric. The detailed instructions for the lampshade can be found here.

Lamp base "Empire", approx. 25 €; Side table, approx. 99 €: Car. Check fabric "Checks Bristol 6", approx. 30 € / m:

bag scheme

Trendy checked with plenty of space for all sorts of odds and ends - so we have deco ideas with small bags most. Our tip: Choose a color for the inner lining that is reflected in the check fabric. That looks beautiful harmonious. The sewing instructions are here.

Tender gang

A few satin ribbons are enough to turn a nasty notebook into a new favorite piece. To do this, put the book in light brown paper, fix it on the inside with adhesive tape. Place satin ribbons in the desired order on the work surface and braid the check pattern. Fix the tapes with the glue stick on the paper and continue to the inside of the book. There also secure with adhesive tape.

Sewing Auxiliaries

A pincushion is made even fast by novice stitchers. Draw a circle Ø approx. 14 cm on a checkered and a plain fabric, cut out. Put the piping with the open side on the right side of a fabric layer and sew it tight on the outside. Place the right side of the other circle on the piping side, sew on. Make a small opening to turn. Turn fabric over, put in some cotton wool and close the opening by hand.

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