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Household Tupperware will soon be available at the store!

Traditional company 'Tupperware' wants to sell in addition to its famous parties soon in the store. 500 stores are planned in Germany.

Tupper is now opening 500 stores in Germany
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For years, ' Tupperware', the American plastic can manufacturer, is known for its sales parties. Women talk to each other at so-called Tupperpartys, drink a glass of sparkling wine and show the latest models of plastic cans and many other household products . So far, Tupperpartys were also the only way to approach Tupper products. According to Frankfurter Allgemeine, the successful model is now to be extended by another sales channel: in Germany, up to 500 stores are planned in which Tupperware is to be offered.

Tupperware boss Rick Goings announced the news agency dpa the expansion of the sales parties in so-called 'studios', so stores that run Tupperware. As the Tupperware boss further revealed, the Tupperware sales model should remain intimate and rely on personal contact . Only in the later course, after a first contact on Tupperpartys, according to Goings the on-line trade comes into play, namely then, if further models are nachgekauft.

In Germany to open up to 500 Tupperware studios

In the planned studios weekly meetings between sellers and customers take place. The meetings strengthen the bond with the company: Until now, sales assistants had to travel long distances to the warehouse to get new goods. In addition, sellers are so closer to the customer . The concept has already proven itself in countries like China.

There are no such studios in Germany yet. Within the next few years, however, up to 500 of the sales rooms are to be opened . How many employees the group already has in this country is not known. However, Germany should be an important market for Tupperware .

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