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Hansi Hinterseer: "I used to think only about myself

His wife Romana made Hansi Hinterseer a family man
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Exclusive to THE NEW: surprising confession!

We know him as a model family man and as a man who always cares for his loved ones. But now Hansi Hinterseer (55) surprises with a shattering life confession: In the past he was an egoist, thinking only of himself!

You have been married to your wife Romana (51) for 23 years, have two daughters - always wanted to have family?

Hansi Hinterseer: No, I had no special philosophy for my life. It's just how it is.

Have you always been a family man, or has this evolved?

Hansi Hinterseer: Well, I was not a family man at the beginning in sports. There you are an absolute egoist, you have to be in the sport as well. And then I was lucky that I met my current wife. We get along well, we value each other, we respect each other. And we both have our mistakes, but it's a togetherness. Yes, that's probably why it goes together so well.

Her daughter Laura is 21, Jessica 23. Are you a strict father?

Hansi Hinterseer: One tries, one tries. What is strict? Everyone tries to raise their children the way they think is right. Actually, they have to take their lives into their own hands. It is important to us to give Jessica and Laura a certain foundation for this. To be strong, to be honest, to say "please, " "thank you, " and "to see you again."

What role does your family play in your life?

Hansi Hinterseer: My family is absolutely important to me! The luck I have, no one else has. I live in Kitzb├╝hel and this is a place where a lot of people spend a lot of money to go on vacation. I have a quality of life that is sensational.