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Good mood Video: Baby shows nasty laugh!

Photo: Screenshot / mooonez

This laugh is contagious!

Here comes a video with a good mood guarantee! Because this baby has it fist thick behind the ears - the nasty laughter is contagious!

The dark season can quickly depress the mood. The sky is gray, the cold wave is going around and people are waiting impatiently for a little summer. At least once again, this video gets us warm again because the baby is gorgeous!

Laughter is contagious. Especially when it comes to an extraordinary giggle like this, the corners of the mouth twitch. The shot of a Russian baby turns out to be a real feel-good video. Because the tiny child surprises with a special smile that sounds not only cute, but above all incredibly mean!

The child is hardly in the world, there it can already laugh like a big one! In between, it even seems a bit scared of the evil-sounding sounds that come out of his little mouth. But the happiness soon outweighs again. Nearly a million people have already enjoyed the happy-nasty laugh of the baby, which can be used worldwide as a safe recipe against bad mood.

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