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Yellow is the fashion trend of the Golden Globes

Naomi Watts wears the fashion trend of the Golden Globe evening: the color yellow. In addition: diamond jewelery and a silver colored clutch.
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The color yellow turns trendy - and everyone can wear them!

The stars at the Golden Globes 2015 agreed: yellow is the trend color of the season. Who cares what nuance is what you should look out for when styling and three cheerful-fresh clothes in yellow for immediate re-purchase.

Naomi Watts, Taylor Swift, Leslie Mann, Elettra Wiedemann and many more (see gallery above) have either come to terms or simply prove extremely good sense of style. Because yellow is not only the fashion trend of the Golden Globes 2015, but also off the red carpet is on the rise.

A happy trend color that - yes, yes! - everyone can wear. For a pale complexion warm yellow is ideal, sun kissed are also gaudy tones pretty. To match cool cools vanilla and champagne tones, all darker hair and skin types can also access other yellow nuances.

Only in terms of styling we have to contradict each other for a moment. For one thing, you can not go wrong with yellow now: The sun color is totally fashionable and falls as a sophisticated cut dress just as chic as a stricter everyday part or as a clutch (starter trick). On the other hand, eijeijei, what can not be wrong with yellow ! Look something like a canary (so do not use any feathers!) Or Borussia Dortmund or seriously sick because the tone does not match your complexion.

And now? A healthy self-assessment in the choice of nuances, a little bronzer on the cheeks, hair back (looks nobler than faucet), the yellow robe elegantly combined with gray, nude, light brown or snow white - and get out on the red carpet ... or just into everyday life!

The most beautiful yellow dresses to order immediately: Maxi dress in layers with ornamentation and geometric pattern of Needle & Thread on, about 250 euros. Short dress made of openwork lace with button at the neck from, approx. 50 Euro. Maxi dress with low waterfall neckline from Solace London on, approx. 128 Euro.

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