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Designer Valentino Garavani hates the eighties

Confessing 80's hater: Valentino Garavani
Photo: Getty Images

"It was terrible ..."

In an interview, fashion designer Valentino was surprisingly honest about himself and his achievements as a designer. Which decade he really hates, read here.

In the series of interviews with several famous fashion personalities, design veteran Valentino Garavani apparently did not intend to mince words . "In all my life, I've never, never said as much as tonight, I'll tell you now what color my underwear has, " he joked.

The 82-year-old fashion designer does not have to talk well anymore. Finally, he looks back on a colorful past, has built a fashion empire, and has dressed some of the most important figures, including Jacki O. While he was always convinced of his work, there is still a decade that does not want to appeal to him.

"I hated those dresses in the eighties, they had wrong proportions with a shoulder that did not fit at all, they were all terrible, terrible, the shoes were not good either - I never liked that."

Sounds like the eighties will make Valentino Garavani scary in retrospect - but he's certainly not alone with that ...

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