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Frederik and Mary of Denmark: Is their marriage broken?

Her desperate attempt to save her marriage

When the royal yacht Dannebrog set sail last week, this was not just the beginning of a summer trip for the Danish crown prince couple. For while the proud ship was heading for the coastal towns of Jutland, Frederik and Mary also wanted to bring their love to the right course on board.

It seems to be a desperate attempt to save their marriage after speculation over a crisis between the two. The proverbial "darned seventh year" they have just survived in the marriage - but at public appearances Mary still seemed strangely cool and distanced. Frederik seemed listless and annoyed, as though he was somewhere else in his mind. And many were worried about what was going on with the couple. The Danish press sought the cause of the problems, especially in Frederik's passion for flirting and party life . So wrote the magazine "Se og Hör": "Mary hates it when Frederik is out in the evening. She is so mad at him that he just wants to leave and go to parties again. A vicious circle. "The waves beat particularly high when Frederik taunted a blonde woman shortly before the twins' baptism in his favorite disco" Simon ". "Our Crown Prince looks after each skirt, " wrote the newspaper "Ekstra Bladet". No wonder, when Mary was angry and married in the ice age. But letting her happiness go under is not like Frederik and Mary . And then the summer trip with the King's yacht was just right for them. Of course, some official dates were on the program - but in between, the two had plenty of time to talk to each other and to get closer again.Schon on the first station in Skagen showed the effect on the high seas Effect: Together with their eight-month-old " Easy Margans "Vincent and Josephine presented themselves as relaxed and happy as they had not been for a long time. After the rough time of crisis, land seems to be in sight again for their marriage ...