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The perfect decoration for breakfast: enjoyment in the morning

With the right decoration every breakfast becomes a highlight
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In the Swedish look

Healthy and relaxed start to the day - this could be a good New Year's resolution. How it works? With a light breakfast in a cheerful atmosphere.

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. It provides energy, vital substances and gets the circulation going. And best of all, a well-balanced breakfast is easy to serve.

The Swedes do it: they serve a lot of fruit and vegetables, low-calorie crispbread, light spreads of quark and freshly squeezed juice. The power breakfast is just as quickly prepared as the decoration . For here, too, the Scandinavians like it naturally and simply. A large table made of light wood such as birch or pine, chairs in clear shapes and accessories with friendly colors like red - it does not take much more. The "Keep it simple" principle of decoration continues in flower arrangements: Simply put a few orchids in vases or set Tillandsia on branches, and flowers and green speak for themselves.

We wish you to try "Ha det så kul" - have fun!

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