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Video: Russian doctor examines baby and cares for Shitstorm

Photo: Screenshot / MoViE

Brutal or professional?

Is this treatment still professional or just brutal? A video of a Russian doctor who examines a baby orthopedically, provides on the Internet for a Shitstorm.

Some say that it is a normal investigation, which can be seen in the video. Others scream in horror at how a baby can be so brutally treated. A true shitstorm arises.

The Internet seething again, the opinions cook over. Reason for the riot is the video of an orthopedic treatment. Shown is a Russian doctor examining a newly born baby. He's not exactly squeamish about the tiny creature.

The head is turned roughly from right to left, then the baby is shaken until it starts to cry. Nevertheless, it is repeatedly lifted, pulled on the legs and arms. Is that still professional? Many voices say: Yes, the Russian doctor has everything under control. He had the baby always under control and would only test the movement functions.

Other comments, especially those of mothers, go in a very different direction. In comments below the video, the doctor is even verbally abused for his rough style. Whether the investigation is appropriate or not remains questionable. But it is clear that the baby survives the treatment without damage and even stops to cry after a few encouraging words from the doctor.


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