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Wickerwork on the wall

The wardrobe wall of the corridor gets through the foam panels an unusual touch. The panels are sealed with acrylic varnish and cut out in the area of ​​the mirror and the shelf

Lively structure

Original or fake? For the effect that often does not matter. But for the processing: For the imitations of beams, masonry or stone floors are usually easier to handle than their role models.

Braid loosens up this corridor wall and gives it an interesting, lively structure. These are hard foam boards which are glued on with solvent-free polystyrene adhesive. A coat of acrylic paint makes the surface easier to clean and more resistant. The plates are easy to pierce and cut to size with the cutter.

The wickerwork in detail:

  • The panels (50 x 50 cm) cover large areas of cracks and wall unevenness. Set of eight plates, 2 square meters, about 3.50 euros
  • Different structures available
  • Can be painted over with emulsion paints or paints without solvent

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