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Carnival: folded paper rosettes

  • dotted and striped wrapping paper in pink, red and green (eg

      of artebene; Department Store)
    • Adhesive film (eg from Tesa, department store)
    • white sewing thread
    • lace sewing needle
    • ruler
    • pencil
    • scissors

    1. For the pink star, cut 2 paper strips of 12 x 70 cm, for the green star, cut 2 paper strips of 10 x 70 cm and for the red star, cut a strip of 8 x 70 cm.

    2. Fold the strips to the accordion. The green and the red star receive a pleat depth of about 2.5 cm, the pink star of about 3.5 cm.

    3. For the green and pink stars, glue the 2 strips of paper together with adhesive film to form a circle. With the red star, it is sufficient to close the one strip to the circle because of the smaller circumference.

    4. For the stability of the stars lay them with the pattern facing up, thread the sewing thread and sew in the center of the star, fold by fold. Tighten and knot the ends of the thread tightly.

    5. To hang, pull a long thread through one of the outer pleats.

    Tip: Work the striped star just like the pink stars.

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