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Experiment Billigware: Who buys the 2 Euro T-shirt?

At the machine you can buy a t-shirt for two euros.
Photo: Screenshot / Fashion Revolution

2 Euro T-shirt: The sad reality behind the cheap goods

Cheaper always goes. But what is really behind a T-shirt that costs only 2 euros? An experiment against cheap goods opens the eyes!

The trend is bargain hunting. The cheaper, the more you can buy, that is the basic idea of ​​the consumer society. More more more. Trends come and go and with them the interior of the wardrobe changes at an incredible pace. What was still in yesterday, tomorrow is already out- and ends up in the garbage. Was not that expensive. But how much do the workers have to pay for the cheap goods?

Even cheap clothes have their price. However, the buyers rarely pay but the producers. They are the victims of the cheap industry. Because the cheaper the clothes, the lower the wage. What is left for the workers at two euros?

An experiment of the organization Fashion Revolution should draw attention to the grievances behind the cheap clothes. To this end, machines are set up where T-shirts can be bought for two euros.

Clothes for two euros? There are bargain hunters right on the spot. In fact, several people look at the machine with interest. But when they want to buy the cheap goods, they are afraid. Because here the customer does not just get a shirt - but the story behind the garment for free.

This is how people get to see things that they prefer to look their best away in everyday life. Because for two euros, they do not just buy a T-shirt. They support the cheap industry, worsen the working conditions and destroy lives. Anyone who buys cheap goods will be held responsible. This is shown by pictures of workers who receive 13 cents an hour for workers who have to provide a family with this wage.

Then the machine again asks the question: Do you still want to buy this two Euro T-shirt? The experiment presents people with a choice. The decisions make you think.

After all, the well-established saying applies: less is more. Buy a few t-shirts less, and spend a few euros more worthwhile. Because the higher price is reflected not only in quality, but also in better working conditions. It's not just a T-shirt. There are human lives behind it.