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With these tricks you get your car windows very quickly ice-free

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These tricks help against icy windshields

Every winter the same: get up earlier, because we have yet to scratch the windshield of our car from the ice free. But with these tricks this is easy and fast!

There are many ways and means that promise that with them the slices of duck go faster . For example, heated ice scrapers for about 15 euros, rotating ice scrapers for about 80 euros or even de-icing sprays for about 7 euros. All too expensive and cumbersome - and numerous tests on the Internet also prove: they do not even bring anything really!

Our tricks for quickly defrosting the windows on the car , however, are much cheaper and made quickly at home:

1. Deicing spray for car windows made yourself

Instead of unnecessarily spending a lot of money on de-icing spray, just do it yourself! There are different recipes for this:

Fill antifreeze in an empty spray bottle that would otherwise get into the windscreen wiper system and dilute it with water. The ratio should be 2: 1 (ie 2 times antifreeze and 1 time water). Simply spray on the icy slices and then pull down the melted ice with the rubber lip of the ice scraper.

Or you take cleaning alcohol, ie isopropyl alcohol, instead of the antifreeze. The mixture in the spray bottle should be the same as with the antifreeze, ie 2: 1.

2. Caution with warm water

Many advise running warm water on the windscreen to de-ice them. But beware! The water should not be too warm, because then the windshield could jump.

It's best to fill up with a bottle of water the night before and put it in front of a heater. The next morning, the water should have a perfect 20-25 ° C. So you can easily free the disk from the ice.

First clean the window with a brush of any loose snow, carefully pour the water on it and remove the water with the rubber lip of the ice scraper or another window puller.

In particularly cold outside temperatures, you can still add salt to the water to accelerate the Antauen.

3. Even better: Prevent

If you take good care of yourself, you can prevent the car windows from icing up, or at least making sure that the ice dissolves more easily the next morning.

Saltwater Solution: If it's not too cold outside, the time has come to prevent icy slices. You can dissolve two to three tablespoons of salt in 0.5 liters of lukewarm water. Then apply the salt water solution with a sponge on the windshield and let (as I said, it is not too cold outside), the salt water on the disc dry. The next morning there should be less ice on the glass.

Vinegar Mixes: Fill in an empty spray bottle of vinegar and water in a mixing ratio of 3: 1 (three times vinegar, 1 time water). Distribute this liquid on the windshield the evening before.

Foil: You can also cover the windshield with a foil, a sheet or a cloth. So the frost can not even settle on the disk. To do this, stretch the film, sheet or cloth over the window and clamp the ends in the driver's and front passenger's door.


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