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After PrimePumuckl runs on TV: That's why the goblin was not seen for so long

Pumuckl is back! The red-haired goblin is back on German television. But why was the cult series gone so long?

Pumuckl is back!
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"Hurray, hurray, the Pumuckl is here" - in the truest sense of the word: The goblin with the red hair returns after eight years for initially 13 episodes back into German television.

Since March 1, episodes of "Master Eder and his Pumuckl" on the streaming platform Amazon Prime Video are available for a fee. But since today (15.4.) Also shows the Bavarian Broadcasting (BR) again consequences of the popular children's series. From Mondays to Thursdays from 13.30 clock with a double episode of the cute goblin comes back. However, the BR first shows "Pumuckl's adventure" of 1999. From 2020 then runs the original "Master Eder and his Pumuckl" - in HD quality.

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Pumuckl celebrates TV comeback after eight years

In 2011, the series last ran on television. According to BR, a " complicated legal situation between author, illustrator and producer " is the reason why "since then no radiation was possible." Ellis Kaut (1920 - 2015) had brought Pumuckl to life in the 1960s Stories only as a German radio play, then in the early 80s as a television series, illustrator Barbara von Johnson gave the leprechaun its significant appearance.

Pumuckl is a goblin who has stuck in the glue pot of master carpenter Eder and lives with him ever since. The redhead makes for all sorts of chaos. Other people can not see Pumuckl.

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