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Eva Habermann: The stalker was finally caught!

"The madman almost destroyed my life."
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She can breathe ...

Nobody hears their screams outside, but the hijacker is slowly approaching inside. A young woman is worried about her life. A horror that really took place in the summer of 2011 in Hamburg. The woman, a student, was able to escape. In the apartment of the perpetrator, the police found a soundproof phone booth, barbed wire hanging from the windows. Arrest! These days, the hostage gangster Thomas F. (30) is in court. And now it came to light: It is the stalker who years ago pursued Eva Habermann (36) ...

In an interview with NEUE POST, the actress says quietly: "The madman almost destroyed my life." He "stalked" (that is, harassed) her at every turn, stalking her house for months! Eva Habermann is reluctant to think back to this bad time. Now her pursuer is finally ready. A reason to breathe? Already - but also an event that lets the bad memories return. Anyone who saw the Rosamunde-Pilcher star stroll gracefully and confidently across the catwalk at the charity fashion show "Event Prominent" can hardly believe what she is saying: "I was very scared. He was on my doorstep every day for a year, living in a forest in front of my property, in a tent. "For the prominent Hamburg girl there was only one way out at that time, she says:" I avoided my apartment, thus avoiding it gone. "But Thomas F. wrote her countless flaming love letters for a long time.

It was not until Eva Habermann spent several months in Cologne that the haunting stopped. The fact that her stalker has turned out to be a dangerous kidnapper also scares the TV star : "He belongs in the psychiatry, he must be helped."