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When this woman wanted to buy a bikini, the saleswoman gave her this incredible answer

If it was up to the saleswoman, Jessica would better not wear a bikini
Photo: Jessica Portelli / facebook

Jessica just wanted to buy a bikini, but then what happened shocked you for sure.

Jessica (24) from Brighton wears size 46 Nothing special. But when Jessica wants to buy a bikini in a shop, she is verbally abused by the saleswoman . Reason enough for Jessica to publicize the behavior of the intolerant saleswoman.

"Girls like you should not wear a bikini." With these words, the saleswoman in the store of 24-year-olds advised against the purchase. What a joke! That's what Jessica thinks and immediately post a photo of herself in a bikini to make the saleswoman's behavior public.

Normally, she would never put such photos of herself online, but the saleswoman's words should be made public, Jessica finds. Because "girls like her" do not have to be ashamed of anything and can definitely wear a bikini.

And that's what the network also finds and supports the 24-year-old. The approval for her and her body is huge. The opinion of the USer: You are beautiful as you are. And do not let anything else tell you!