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Erol Sander: worried about his baby

Erol Sander is afraid that his son will die

Erol Sander

Erol Sander / ©

The actor (41) became a father for the second time a few days ago, but is very worried that he and Caroline Godet (35), his French wife, with whom he has been married for ten years, unexpectedly lose little Elyas. Although both child and mother were well after giving birth on February 27, Sander can not shake off the uncomfortable feeling. "My little slobber is very healthy, " he explains, "The New." "Nevertheless, as a father, one is afraid of one's own This happens so often in Germany It's terrible I pray every night - Please, dear God, my baby must not die! "Incidentally, the native Turk was present at birth and even packed energetic with. "We did it together, I did not stand idly by, but helped out and cut the umbilical cord, " he revealed shortly afterwards.

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