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Veronica Ferres loves her job

Veronica Ferres realizes her "dreams" during filming

Veronica Ferres

Veronica Ferres / ©

The beautiful star-blonde (45) admits to enjoy her job so much because he offers her so many opportunities. "The basic requirement for each role is to deal with the figure, " said the Solingen-born character actress, "That 's why I love my job so much - it always offers new, exciting challenges, such as shooting the' The Secret of the Whales', which has enabled me to realize my long - standing dream of diving, and that is my new passion next to skiing. "Almost her dream of the acting career, however, did not come true. Thus, the 1.83 -meter Aktrice was rejected in a total of twelve drama schools and had to take private lessons. "Some drama schools rejected me because of my height, which I found embarrassing at the time, " Ferres reveals. Luckily she did not give up. One of the main motivations for her was the words of her wife, Mama, as Ferres tells Tele 5: "She told me a proverb: 'Do not fall for shame, just lie down!'" On Sunday, May 2, reads Ferres at 1:05 am, Tele 5 ', Bad Night Stories'.