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Espadrilles 2015: EVERYONE wants them!

Espadrilles were already hot in the 80s, now the flat run up again to top form. Here: Two-colored calfskin espadrilles from the trend label Lika Mimika, about 135 euros.
Photo: Lika Mimika

Summer, sun and espadrilles: There is no more holiday feeling!

Finally they are back! The comfortable espadrilles are already our summer favorites. Where to buy the most beautiful slippers, what makes an original espadrille different from the rest and how to combine the shoe most beautifully.

Linen fabric, raffia sole and the obligatory rubber band to hold together: Done is the trend shoe of the summer . The Spanish Espadrille (pronounced Espadrij, named after the knotted sole) has almost every one of us ever buzzed in a Mallorcan beach shack. For a few euros, the slippers then lasted as long as our holiday flirt. After a good two weeks of permanent laps, fabric and sole parted. Even water and sand could quickly ruin the espadrilles. And so it was usually no longer from the small Ferienliaison.

And yet we love the summer slippers: The fine, unobstructed linen fabric, which is often attached to the sole only with a coarse seam, sits extremely comfortable - protects us from nasty bubbles - but also offers no support. Today is the kicker again trend. Not only as a pure holiday shoe, but overhauled, improved, adapted to the local weather conditions and prepared for all occasions. Whether with wedge heel, classic or as a sandal, made of leather, silk, calf hair, lace or brocade - Espadrilles are available in all variants, colors and shapes today. Cost of the slippers? From about 15 euros for reasonably stable standard copies. We can spend up to € 800 on couture espadrilles by Chanel, Jimmy Choo, Dolce & Gabbana or Louboutin. Justified? Nope, but with such designer art works, the question never arises anyway ...

But what is special about the holiday slippers of yesteryear? They give us a touch of holiday feeling in the city, a bit of Mediterranean feeling in the office, they fit perfectly with both the sporty casual summer look and the cute flower dress, and they are above all one thing: incredibly comfortable!

Knowledge for shoe wearer: Caution, faux pas!

It is not called "Espandrillos" but "espadrilles" - translated as "steppe grass", probably the original material of the espadrilles soles. The breezy runners once bore Majorcan farm workers. Sociable in the South, they made Sophia Loren and Grace Kelly. That was in the 50s of the last century, since the 80s they belong to the summer with us. And experience 2015 their big trend comeback.

Care tip for espadrilles

Attention, Espadrilles are beautiful weather shoes! Because most soles are not suitable for the rain. Even models with rubberized soles do not survive continuous rain.

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