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Just lose weight? Slim-on-sleep diet: How it works!

Slim in sleep

With the slim-in-the-sleep di t you lose weight.
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  1. How does the slim-in-sleep method work?
  2. Slender in sleep: breakfast
  3. Slim asleep: lunch
  4. Slim asleep: dinner
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It sounds too good to be true. But what is behind this diet with the most auspicious name? Actually, the slender sleep method is not a diet but rather a diet change.

How does the slim-in-sleep method work?

The Dr. Pape 's Slim in the Sleep Principle uses our organic watch to lose weight. So just lie down, fall asleep and the next day you are one kilo lighter?

It would be nice! Of course, you have to do something yourself for the pounds to tumble. But that's not so difficult, you should just keep a few basic rules. For example, the slender-in-the-sleep breakfast does not provide any animal products, so you do not need butter, milk or cheese. Instead, there are plenty of carbohydrates on the menu to fuel the fat burning properly.

In the afternoon may then be feasted, of course, in moderation. Healthy mixed foods such as lean meat with vegetables and potatoes and a small dessert afterwards are allowed.

In the evening should then be consistently dispensed with carbohydrates. The body needs high-quality protein at this time of day so that the burning of fat runs at full speed during the night.

On average, you take the insulin-separating diet according to Dr. med. Detlef Pape 1 kg per month, so healthy and slow. Even on the annoying calorie counting can be dispensed with, it is only necessary to limit to breakfast, lunch and dinner and nothing to snack in between.

If you want to lose weight with the slim-on-the-sleep diet , it's best to buy the book by Dr. med. Detlef Pape.

Slim in sleep: breakfast

Depending on your preference: either bread or rolls with sweet spread, eg honey, jam or Nutella. In addition black coffee, sugar is allowed. If you do not want to miss your cereal, you can enjoy it with soy milk or fruit juice.

Slim asleep: lunch

This meal may be sinned. Protein and carbohydrates are allowed to land together around noon on our plate. How about delicious spaghetti bolognese?

Slim asleep: dinner

How about a delicious salad with mozarella in the light version? If you like hearty and hearty, just garnish the salad with crispy bacon. Of course, chicken breast fillets or steaks are also allowed.


  • easy to carry out
  • no unhealthy radical diet
  • leads to long-term success