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Down Syndrome: A mother fights against prejudice

That's Louise. Her mother is fed up with prejudices about Down syndrome.
Photo: Facebook / Caroline Boudet

This is Louise: A baby. Not the Down syndrome baby.

She is constantly being asked about her daughter's Down syndrome. Now she has enough of the prejudices: The impressive post of a mother goes around the world.

A baby is a baby. Whether it has a disability is just as important as if it is blond or brunette. The baby is alive. And like any other child, it has the right to be accepted as it is. Nevertheless, in some cases, society is unfortunately still too far removed from the tolerance that mothers desire for their children. Caroline Boudet is one of them. She's fed up with prejudice.

The Frenchwoman is the proud mother of a little girl named Louise. This is just four months old, but the time was obviously enough to bombard Caroline with countless questions and prejudices. Because Louise has the Down syndrome. Now, the mother shares a picture of her daughter on Facebook, where she talks about her experiences and wants to clean up once and for all with prejudice. Her expressive words are now going around the world.


This is my little girl, Louise. She is 4 months old, has two legs, two arms and an extra chromosome. Please, if you meet a Louise, do not ask her mother, how come you did not know about it during pregnancy? '. Either they knew it and the parents decided to keep the baby '. Or one did not know it and it was surprising enough for her to talk about it again and again. Remember that mothers tend to feel guilty about everything; and such a surprising extra chromosome ... Guess.

Do not tell your mother, It's your baby, no matter what. ' No. It's my baby. Point. Because: "egalist" is an ugly name, I prefer to call her Louise.

Do not tell her mother, because she's a Down syndrome baby she will ... etc. '. No. She is a 4-month-old baby who has Down syndrome. It's not what she IS, but what she HAS. You would not say she's a cancer baby either.

Do not say they will do this or do that '. 'They all have their own characteristics, their own character, their own tastes, their own lives. 'You' are as different from each other as you are from your neighbor.

I know that if you do not experience it yourself, you do not think about it, but words are meaningful. They can comfort you and they can hurt you. So just think about it, especially if you're a doctor or a nurse.

I do not usually do my status 'public' on Facebook, but this one already. You can read it and share it as you like. Because every year (in France) there are 500 new 'mothers of Louise' whose day is ruined with such words. I know that it is not meant to hurt. But you must know that it is. "

[MERCI A TOUS] Il ya 5 mois jour pour jour, Louise venait au monde, pas vraiment comme je l'avais imaginée.Il ya deux ...

Posted by Caroline Boudet on Monday, June 22, 2015

The Post has already been shared over 36, 000 times and has long crossed the borders of France. Caroline speaks mothers worldwide from the soul. If a child is born, if it has Down Syndrome or not, the new-born parents already have enough on their minds. Prejudices can not use them at this moment . A baby is a baby and it is loved as it is, whether with Down syndrome or without, blonde or brunette.

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