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Garden curious - 5 unusual ideas

Enchanted forest

Who can claim to have a smorgasbord of curiosities on their own doorstep? We do not want to lean too far out of the window, but we have a little ...

We stack, hang, recycle and paint. The right material, a few skillful handles and in a jiffy, the curious garden decoration is ready to conjure out of the garden a haunted paradise.

For example, suspended plant pots quickly turn into flying, green creatures. A normal coffee service turns a new home for elves and goblins. Or pebbles just start to talk. What a delightful curiosity !

Hanging pots

Do not hang your head, but the suspensions - guaranteed an eye-catcher!

Material requirements: pasta strainer, 3 chains of 1 m each (DIY store), colored spray paint, colored cord, noodle strainer, plants, potting soil, butcher hook, 10 m rope (hardware store), metal ring for hanging, flower pot, potting soil, cutter or sharp knife, Plants: ferns and grasses

For the pasta strainer: 1. At the hardware store, cut 3 pieces of chains, each 1 m long. Spray chains with spray paint. Allow to dry.2. Attach to the pasta strainer with a sturdy cord, in the same color as the chains.3. Plant plants in the sieve.4. Hang up with a butcher hook.

For the knotted version: 1. Divide the rope into four sections, threading 4 ropes through the ring.2. Fix ropes with a knot on the ring (the ring is used for later suspension) .3. Now measured from the rope ends after about 40 cm, depending on the flower pot height, knot two ropes together, so put four knots. Approximately Place 15 cm below four more knots so that they form a net.4. Add further knots and finish with a big knot as needed.5. Put in the pot.

Tip: Cut the cord and rope with the scissors, heat the ends with a lighter and merge.

(Flowerpot: Tine K Home, GLAZEFLOL-FU, about 55 Euro, hippopotamus board: Rice about Car, about 20 Euro)

Birdhouse for birdies

Beep, beep, where is the little bird? Currently it hides in the self-created birdhouse and lets it taste good.

Material requirements : Table leg / chair leg of old piece of furniture, acrylic paint, painter's crepe, collecting cup + saucer, cordless drill with tile drill, screws, teapot, wooden disc, jigsaw, brush, screwdriver

This is how it works: 1. Separate chair or table legs from the chair or table with a jigsaw, possibly paint them.2. Apply masking tape in 3 layers to the point to be drilled on a saucer so that the drill does not slip. Use the tile drill to drill a hole through the saucer and the cup.3. Carefully screw a screw through the cup and saucer into the table leg with a cordless drill.4. Drill a hole in the bottom of the teapot in the same way for the birdhouse and screw it to the wood.

Stones with language skills

These stones are pretty eloquent and can be in the matter of new vocabulary also like to teach more.

Material requirements: Large flat stones (eg pebbles from the hardware store), acrylic paint (colors as desired / motif), thick brush, fine brush, pencil, clear coat

Here's how: 1. Prime large flat stones with acrylic paint.2. Using a pencil, sketch the desired motifs on the stone and paint them with a thin brush and acrylic paint. Let the paint dry.3. For fixing and for a nice shine with Klarlack over-paint.

(Coaster: Lisbeth Dahl, about 7 Euro)

Creative imposters

Haughtiness comes before the event. This saying should not apply here, because these pretty imposters just do not fall. There's a very clever trick for that.

Material requirements : 6 planters with hole in different sizes (hardware store), spray paint, metal bar of about 1 m (hardware store), potting soil, plants (eg phlox, hydrangea, etc.)

And this is how it works: 1. Paint 6 flower pots with holes of different sizes with spray paint. Let the paint dry.2. Insert a 1 m long metal bar into the ground. Stick as well as possible.3. Plant pots with flowers and stack them on top of each other with the largest pot. Carefully spit on the metal so that the flowers are not damaged.

Baskets for hanging

Whether garden, terrace or balcony - versatile baskets offer space for greenery.

Material requirements: 3 baskets in different sizes, rope (hardware store), screw hooks, dowels, measuring tape, drilling machine

This is how it works: 1. Overlay the baskets in size with a sturdy rope, measuring the distances to obtain a uniform distance. Fix baskets with knots.2. Attach the plant lamp to the wall with a screw hook.3. Put different plants and herbs in pots in the baskets.

Tip: If necessary, lightly melt the ends of the rope with a lighter so that they do not dissolve.

(Baskets: Bloomingville Bust: Impressions, about 14.95 Euro)

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