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DIY: Sweet cupcake decoration made of cereals

Simple and simple: you do not need much for this sweet cake decoration
Photo: deco & style

Kuchdeko that comes from the heart

Whether for the children's birthday party, a baby shower or as a sweet gift for the best friend - this cupcake decoration is super cute and easy to copy.

What you need for the cupcake decoration:

  • Fruit Loops Cereal Rings
  • craft wire
  • cotton candy
  • wire cutter

And that's how easy it is:

1. Thread the rings alternately in green and yellow on the wire.

2. Form the wire to the heart and twist both ends together. Put in the cupcake.

3. For the bow thread rings of all colors on the wire and bend the bow accordingly.

4. Bend the ends to one side so that the rings can not slip off the wire.

5. Put ends in cotton candy piles.

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Prop: cake stand by Miss Etoile, about www.geliebtes-zuhause.de, 16, 50 €, wallpaper "Orella" col. 65, 43, 20 €