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Diet protein diet according to the paleo principle

From 40, losing weight is more difficult. With the protein diet according to the Paleo Principle, however, it works well from 40 without problems. What you need to know, read here.

From 40, losing weight is more difficult. The protein diet according to the Paleo principle, however, is excellent!
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  1. Paleo principle for losing weight starting at 40
  2. Basic rules for the protein diet according to the paleo principle
  3. Prohibitions during the Paleo-Eiwei -Di t
  4. During the paleo-protein diet fat burning changes
  5. Breakfast according to the Paleo principle: eggs full!
  6. Eat on the way to Paleo: there are protein alternatives everywhere
  7. These snacks are always a good choice:

Paleo principle for losing weight starting at 40

Lose weight like our ancestors - with meat, berries and nuts . Just what was available to the Stone Age hunters and gatherers. So if you want to lose weight with the Paleo-Protein-Protein-Diet, you only eat the food that was given back in time and that nature intended for us.

Ready-made meals and all industrially produced foodstuffs have therefore been canceled . But calorie counting has lost nothing here! In the Paleolithic, before people settled down and farmed and cattle ranched, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables were on the menu. And of course fish and meat, when the men came back from hunting successfully. That was then sometimes like raw. But we can roast, steam and cook already, so that it is well tolerated for us.

Dairy products, bread, chocolate, ice cream or pasta are prohibited. Finally, the Stone Age man did not eat it. The full protein power, low carbs and zero artificial additives let pounds jerk, melt away.

Basic rules for the protein diet according to the paleo principle

  • Meat, fish, eggs, so all sources of protein, you can eat as much as you want.
  • In addition a lot of vegetables, preferably all colors, also as much as you want.
  • Round off everything with fruits, nuts, herbs and spices.

Prohibitions during the paleo-protein diet

  • legumes
  • Everything that is made from grain: bread, pasta, pastries
  • Dairy products except butter
  • Sugar: Avoid sugar whenever possible. Drinks in particular often contain a lot of sugar, including fruit juices, ice tea, soft drinks, soft drinks and sweetened tea and coffee.
  • Industrially processed foods. Ready meals, fast food or baguettes. These contain a lot of hidden sugars, artificial additives and unhealthy trans fats. And they can harm your body in the long run
  • Vegetable fat. No margarine. Avoid thistle, sunflower or rapeseed oil. Olive and coconut oil are great.

During the paleo-protein diet, fat burning changes

In the initial phase of the Paleo diet, your body needs to build new enzymes that help it focus its energy balance and digestion more on proteins and fat.

These are things that should be self-evident to the body, but over time it has "forgotten". In the first few days, you probably feel different: like a hangover, a little bit dizzy, maybe craving sweets . Do not worry, that's normal and will go away again.

Anyone who wants to can make the transition to the protein diet on the Paleo principle with a few "good" carbohydrates easier - this includes carrots and root vegetables, sweet potatoes, plantains (look like bananas, but are not sweet).

Treat yourself to a little more in the beginning, then gradually minimize. Do things with a little more calm: your body is still practicing how fat burning works. Therefore, you should not over-exert yourself in this first phase - do it calmly with the sport. Enjoy your food, and do not be afraid of fat: this is now the new number one energy source, and it's far more reliable, healthier, and less moody than carbohydrates.

How many carbohydrates are there during the diet? The answer is: almost none. For the body can supplement its glucose requirement solely from proteins themselves. But it makes sense to cover the daily needs of the food, to relieve the body and not to give up a shortage. That's less than you think. The guideline is: daily 100 - 150 g of carbohydrates.

Breakfast according to the paleo principle: eggs full!

Most people who use the Stone Age Protein Diet have breakfast issues: what should I eat if bread and cereals are suddenly banned? Answer: eggs .

Do not worry, eggs are healthy! You can eat them without hesitation, without changing the cholesterol level. Because it is more influenced by insulin than dietary cholesterol. And insulin is organized by the carbohydrate portion in the food.

Since this is now limited by the protein-rich diet, your cholesterol levels will also improve - no matter how many eggs you eat. Eggs can be prepared in many ways: scrambled eggs, fried eggs, omelets. Or cooked, garnished with vegetables, meat, bacon or herbs. Just let your imagination run wild!

Eating on the way to Paleo: Protein alternatives are everywhere

Despite good intentions, there is a great temptation on every corner to revert to old eating habits: canteens, fast food shops and restaurant visits with colleagues are full of things that are out of the question for you during your diet. No worries, these tricks are guaranteed to work anyway ...

Paleo in the burger shop or doner kebab

Our tip: Take the biggest burger and leave the bread rolls out. Meat and vegetables go well with the diet. Döner is often also available as a doner-plate, that is, without bread . Or just order a salad without dressing or with vinegar and oil.

Paleo at the Italian: Access to fish and meat!

Everywhere spaghetti and pizza, can that be good? For real Italians, pasta is just appetizers. Among the main dishes are plenty of protein dishes . Italians love to combine meat and fish only with vegetables. That's just perfect for you!

These snacks are always a good choice:

  • Coconut chips: good source of fat and available in every good drugstore.
  • Avocado for spooning: super healthy and good for traveling.
  • Hard-boiled eggs: cooked or bought in the supermarket.
  • Fruits of the season: available everywhere and easy to transport.

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