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This woman is breastfeeding her own husband - her daughter is already 20

Breastfeeding your own husband: Is that still normal?
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Jennifer is breastfeeding her own husband. This should strengthen the bond in the relationship. Is that still normal?

There are many things between two people that others can not understand. What is normal and what is abnormal? As a partner, one often lets oneself be influenced by the other's preferences, because one loves him. What Jennifer and her husband practice, however, goes to the moral limits of many people: Jennifer is breastfeeding her husband.

Jennifer is 16 when she gets her first daughter. Today, her child is 20 years old. But Jennifer has never lost the desire to breastfeed. Therefore, on dating sites she searched for partners who shared her preference.

Every mother knows: Breastfeeding is the most intimate thing you can share with your baby. It strengthens the bond between mother and child. That's exactly what Jennifer had read on several websites. That's why she wanted to share this unique band with her partner.

For a long time, Jennifer was looking for the right partner for her idea. "I thought I would never try an adult's breastfeeding, " she tells British magazine The Sun. But then Brad enters her life. The two know each other from high school. The 36-year-old stands on big breasts and is directly interested in Jennifer's idea to breastfeed him.

Of course, because Jennifer did not produce any milk, the two had to help out artificially. For this, Jennifer's breasts had to be stimulated every two hours, so that a natural milk injection was produced by the body. Jennifer even quit her job so she was always ready to pump herself or do Brad's job. In addition, there was a special tea to stimulate hormone production.

And in the meantime, Jennifer is breast-feeding her Brad with proper breast milk . And that not only strengthens their bond, as both claim, but also helps bodybuilder Brad build muscle. "Brad is a real man, but behind closed doors he drops his hard shell and lets him be 100 percent loved, " Jennifer says . If it was up to Brad, Jennifer could even breastfeed him in public. But that's too intimate for her then.

Who thinks now: "How sick is that?" is certainly not alone. Many people accuse the couple of sexualizing a natural process between mother and child. And the couple openly admits that breastfeeding turned on both at the beginning. But they have successfully resisted.

The couple sees in their way of life the key to a long and happy relationship. Critics do not care about them. Otherwise, they probably would not go public with their story.

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