Recommended, 2022

Editor'S Choice

Wall decoration with picture frame

  • different picture frames (eg

      from the flea market, from IKEA etc.)
    • colored wrapping paper in blue, light blue, apricot (department store)
    • White paper
    • Tortenspitzen, Tortelettpapierchen (household goods, from about 2 €)
    • double-sided adhesive tape (eg from Tesa)
    • artificial butterflies (decoration department, set from about 1.50 €)
    • blue and white plaid decopatch paper (eg by Brause; craft shop)
    • Decopatch adhesive (eg from Brause, craft shop)
    • 1 beautiful stamp
    • pretty old bottle labels (eg from drinks from a holiday country or special bottlings, jam jar labels, etc.)
    • scissors
    • brush
    • pins

    Fill the picture frames differently. Cut a background of colored wrapping paper or white printer paper and glue them to the frame back wall.

    1. cake tips in the frame

    To make the pattern clear, choose a strong blue background paper. Fix paper and cake tips slightly with double-sided adhesive tape and place in the frame.

    2. Butterflies in the oval frame

    Suspend the frame without the back wall and place the butterflies directly into the interior with double-sided adhesive tape or needles.

    3. Fish in the frame

    1. Select blue background paper.

    2. Cut a large fish from decopatch paper. Stick fish in the middle of the background.

    3. Place on the frame rear wall and clamp it in the middle of the plain frame.

    4. Fill the edge of the second frame with Decopatch adhesive, place the checkered paper on it and coat again with glue.

    5. Let it dry. From wrapping paper, cut out several small fish and place them in the frame as a flock with double-sided adhesive tape.

    4th picture with bottle labels

    Provide an elongated frame with a colored passpartout and place the bottle labels in the middle of the individual fields. Possibly. enlarge individual labels with the copier.

    5th picture with a stamp

    A special stamp is enlarged with the color copier and placed in a frame. Whole letters are also suitable for this purpose (eg airmail, old postcards, candy or chocolates)