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Mette-Marit is on a secret vacation

Mette-Marit from Norway is secretly holidaying in the Himalayas.
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Is she looking for comfort on a pilgrimage?

May a crown princess just go away? Secretly traveling to India to allegedly take a break from everyday life? Mette-Marit (38) of Norway did so now, and with her secret holiday, retired to popular rage.

Not because one begrudge the wife of Crown Prince Haakon (38) and three-time mother a few solo holidays, but because Mette-Marit strained for her tent tour in the Himalayas, the state treasury. Holidays with diplomatic passport, personal chef and 14 security officers have their price.

Why Mette-Marit has discretely set off is a mystery to the Norwegians. What she wants on the "roof of the world" too. According to the court spokeswoman Marianne Hagen, the Crown Princess has planned this holiday for a long time and "is very happy to implement it now". But why then the secrecy?

It's no wonder that the word "marital crisis" bypasses the media right away. Is Mette-Marit in a spiritual low? Is she looking for distance and comfort on a pilgrimage? Without a husband and without the beloved children ?

This is by no means excluded, because that the Crown Princess has recently become unstable in public, missed important dates (including Princess Estelle's baptism ) and peddled personal clothes on the Internet, not only Norwegian court correspondents find something strange.

Incidentally, this is not the first secretive trip Mette-Marit made. Only in September of last year did she submerge in Austria in a health center to undergo incognito for a vital cure . Also there was to read of "soul dangling", as the public got wind of undercover action of the Crown Princess.

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