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Panagiota Petridou: This car salesman has it!

Photo: Vox

It is also called the car whisperer

Quotengarantin at Vox: Panagiota Petridou brings in "offering rusty, search dream car" from August again great cars for little money to the man.

Not only the men will be happy: Panagiota Petridou will be back on television in August with new episodes of the reality documentary "Bieten Rostlaube, suche Traumauto". Because she is so adept at haggling, acting and convincing and can not be reduced only to her appearance, many women find the self-confident moderator with the Greek roots great.

Also privately, Panagiota Petridou is a real car freak: her own car is a Mini Cooper that she affectionately calls Jaque. Is Jaque the only one with whom she gives gas in private life? That does not want to betray the beautiful blonde.

She does not have to! Because we much prefer Panagiota Petridou at work - as a funny car saleswoman with a lot of know-how .