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The new sofas in pastel are here!

Photo: Impressions
  1. Hurray, hurray ... 9 new sofas are here!
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Hurray, hurray ... 9 new sofas are here!

In color, they give themselves gently, but in terms of function and variety of shapes, they are really strong. Make yourself comfortable - there is one for every taste and budget.

Talent to feel good

Tamara Härty, Koinor Chief Designer betrays it - Beauty alone is not enough: What today's sofas have to have!

1. Sitting comfort is becoming increasingly important. Cushions with spring core, box spring principle or upholstery mat are therefore indispensable. Also suitable relaxation functions such as adjustable backrests and armrests are in great demand.

2. Design: The shapes are softer and more feminine. Soft seats that adapt to the body provide comfort. Fashionable cushions and plaids increase the cuddling factor and give the couch more pep.


Picture above: Trendy in Nude - Fashion has discovered the look: Roses and cream we love now
also in the living room. The charming sofa with the sloping armrests also brings along three cuddly pillows.

Fabric cover, 77 x 238 x 88 cm, approx. 1200 €, impressions


When guests come, "Dendera" can quickly take off to the sofa bed.

Fabric-covered metal frame, 80 x 135 x 86 cm, approx. 500 €, Fashion For Home


The three-seater in pastel presents itself in the style of the 50s: with flared wooden legs and button-stitching.

Fabric cover, 69 x 195 x 79 cm, ca. 860 €, Bloomingville


With adjustable armrests, adjustable back cushions and variable seat depth "Vanda" flexibly adapts to your need for relaxation.

Fabric cover, 88 x 180 x 82 cm, from about 2270 €, Koinor


A true cuddly mountain made of soft velor leaves nothing to be desired. Such sofas are pure comfort.

95 x 170 x 100 cm, about 700 €, Heine


Between the backrest and upholstery is a fold-out headrest.

Leather "Boow", 82 x 154 x 95 cm, ca. 1800 €, W. Schillig


On the lounge sofa "Areo" in pastel, the whole family has no problem.

Fabric cover, from 72 x 208 x 69 cm, from approx. 3328 €, Rolf Benz


The high backrest makes the Chesterfield classic particularly comfortable.

Velvet cover and wooden feet, 93 x 145 x 80 cm, approx. 660 €, Car


A "mini sofa" for the little ones is the children's chair made of imitation leather and birch.

51 x 36 cm, approx. 218 €, The little zebra

(all pictures: manufacturer)

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