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Baby and dog in a partner look: Pretty nice friends

Zoey and Jasper in a partner look.
Photo: Grace Chon

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We regularly find moving pictures and videos on the World Wide Web! Today: Dream Team Baby Jasper and Dog Zoey !

Partnerlook is the new trend that is making a little boy and his dog friend popular again. But be careful: loud "Awww" calls are preprogrammed. You certainly have not seen anything so sweet!

We tell you the story of the enchanting dream team.

If Grace Chon chooses something new to wear to her son Jasper, she always has to buy it twice. Because bitch Zoey and her 10 months old boy like to wear partner look .

Zoey gets from the little child what she has always lacked: love and affection. Because the bitch was abandoned, a student picked them up and took them to a rescue station. There they were looking for a suitable foster family. Grace Chon was blown away immediately and picked up Zoey.

Now Zoey and Jasper have a lot of fun together and dress the same way. It does not matter if it's a purple hoodie, a cool cap or a flying cap, the inseparable team looks really nice and stylish.

Good that Grace Chon is a photographer and takes many pictures of these sweet moments. "Jasper always has a smile on his face when I come with the camera and Zoey already loves to pose in the meantime, " says the proud mom.

The duo is a real hit on the internet. Baby Jasper and dog Zoey are on Facebook, have an Instagram account and can also be found on Tumblr . And Grace makes sure that we always find current photos with "Awwwwww" factor.

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