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The smartest lifehacks for your shoes

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  1. Clever tricks for shoe disaster
  2. Lifehack: shoes wide
  3. Lifehack: paint damaged shoe tips
  4. Lifehack: boots without kink
  5. Lifehack: waterproof footwear shoes
  6. Lifehack: extend the laces

Smart tricks for shoe disaster

Bought the shoe too small? The toe already worn? Do not throw it away. Because our clever life hacks help against every shoe problem.

Lifehack: shoes wide

We women LOVE shoes! But each of us bought a pair too small at least once in their lives. Sometimes it's not surprising. At hot temperatures, your feet are starting to swell - and suddenly it can be very tight in the shoe for heel, toe and co. But you do not have to throw away the couple in any case. Because there is a small lifehack that can widen your shoes. All you need is a freezer bag.

That's how it works:

- Fill the freezer bag with water.

- Leave some air so that the water can move inside the bag.

- Place the freezer bag in the shoe and place it so that the toe is well occupied.

- Put the shoe with the detergent bag into the freezer.

Let the water freeze well there. Only then does the stretch effect look perfect and the shoes widen. Then you can pull the bag out of the stretched shoe. Pumps and Co. fit without pressure.

Lifehack: paint damaged shoe tips

Their favorite shoes are actually still quite ok, if there were not the shoe tips that slowly but surely lose their color by running and tapping. Of course, that does not look good at some point. But throw away the shoes? No way! We have a little trick on how to save them - and give the whole thing a new look. All you need is newsprint, tape and scrape.

That's how it works:

- Lay out newsprint generously so that no paint gets on the floor.

- Clean the shoe neatly and brush it off.

- Mask the appropriate shoe tip with the adhesive tape so that only the area to be overspray remains free. Press firmly.

- Shake the spray can with the desired color well and spray the tip of the shoe at the specified distance. Let it dry well.

Already the shoe looks pretty again. Tip: Do not try to hit the color of the shoe. Take another, matching color. So the shoe gets peppy right.

Lifehack: boots without kink

Anyone who has high boots knows the problem: Dressed everything is still great, but as soon as you take off your shoes and put in the corner, the drama takes its course. The shaft just does not want to stop and always folds aside. Of course, this not only looks messy, it also creates a kink in the material. Stop it! All you need to solve it are two empty plastic bottles. Once put in, the boots stay in shape and shape.

Lifehack: waterproof footwear shoes

Sometimes the weather is just crazy. In the morning still bright sunshine and already in the afternoon downpour. No wonder that we often just wear the wrong footwear. But only because we decided to wear fabric shoes in the morning, we have to go home a few hours later not wet foot. Because with a very simple trick, fabric shoes are waterproof. All you need is a tealight and a hair dryer.

That's how it works:

- Use a white tealight (or other candle) to completely rub in the fabric shoe.

- Make sure that they really cover all places well.

- Take a hair dryer and blow the wax into the fabric (medium heat).

Of course, the shoe will not survive a bath in the puddle, but you do not have immediately completely soggy feet in the rain.

Lifehack: extend shoelaces

Sometimes laces are just too short. But how then tie a bow? By not lacing up the shoe to the very top? Not, the hold should of course continue to be given.

That's how it works:

- Thread the first row down normally, as always.

- Instead of working crosswise now, thread the shoelace into the hole from below and thread the shoelace back down one hole higher.

- Only then do you cross the shoelaces again. Continue with this method.

- At the end you have saved a few centimeters more and can loosely tie a bow.

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