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Daddy love: So sweet celebrating the World Cup hero with their children

So sweet celebrate our championship heroes the title with their children.
Photo: Getty Images

They are their biggest fans

Family is the biggest! Poldi and son Louis, Klose with his boys and Boateng with his girls - beautiful pictures that go to the heart.

He kept his promise! Lukas Podolski has won the world title - for millions of Germans and above all for one: for son Louis.

He pulls the victory fist up and walks with his dad hand in hand across the field. He sits on his shoulders and cheers like the big ones. Louis personal hero: Papa Poldi!

Schweinis tears: overwhelming. Poldi's fatherly love: heartbreaking. Pictures that we will not forget soon.

Klose moves. The game barely whistled, storming his sons on the field. All the pride of the dad! Family is everything! Instead of the team, he cheers with his boys. Close her, celebrate with them. A wonderful picture!

Very small and yet his biggest fans: the Boateng twins . Sugar sweet girls who mean everything to Dad. And not just him. Even Mario Götze and girlfriend Ann-Kathrin Brömmel seem to be taken by the two.

They hold the trophy, wave the flag and sit on their shoulders - the World Cup kids really big!