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The best styling ideas for the culotte

With patterned and colorful combination partners the culotte becomes an absolute eye-catcher.
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  1. The culotte - over-kneeling, wide-cut and mega-sweet
  2. Which top part am I wearing for the culotte?
  3. Which shoes are ideal for culottes?
  4. And what else fits the culotte?

The culotte - over knee-length, wide cut and mega-casual

The culotte is super-sensitive! Because the feminine cut, reminiscent of the pants skirt, gently plays around the leg and is currently experiencing its trend comeback. We show you how to style the culotte skillfully.

The over-long, flowing skirt trousers combine male and female fashion features.

Known in the 17th and 18th centuries as men's knickerbockers. Today, the Culotte (pronounced Külott) as wide trousers in calf length and as an absolute trend part of the season.

The culotte turns out to be just as good with blouses as it does with shirts and sweaters. For a feminine silhouette emphasize the waist and "tuck" tops in the waistband. Between shoe and trouser hem there should always be a few inches of skin.

Linen shirt by Christian Berg about, about 60 euros. Silk blouse of equipment, about 380 euros.

Which top part am I wearing for the culotte?

The Culotte becomes office-ready with plain, straight-cut shirt blouses in calm colors. The mostly unicoloured culotte is also happy about companions with colorful prints - this gives the overall look a trendy upgrade.

Shoes in blue tones of Unützer, about 375 euros. High heels from Zign, about 90 euros.

Which shoes are ideal for culottes?

The wide cut of the culotte is not exactly a Figurschmeichler. Wear platform sandals to stretch the silhouette! Snap-on sandals in bright colors are a great eyecatcher to the trend trousers and emphasize pretty ankles.

Blazer by Massimo Dutti, about 250 euros. Loafers from L'Autre Chose, about 310 euros. Socks from Esprit, about 8 euros.

And what else fits the culotte?

Narrow, tight-cut blazers pick up on the feminine-masculine game of the Culotte and make for an almost suit-like look. Socks in sandals add a sporty touch to the look. But: choose the socks short enough to show some bare skin. Those who prefer to wear flat shoes, resort to Loafern - which also play with the male-female contrast of Culotte. Especially great: copies in bright colors and / or with platform sole.

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