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The autumn wreath as the ultimate seasonal decoration

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  1. fluorescent colors
  2. Floating autumn wreath with pumpkins
  3. Rural autumn wreath with apples
  4. Autumn wreath with rosehips and roses
  5. Autumn wreath with deer
  6. Autumn wreath with mini apples
  7. An autumn wreath, like a colorful bouquet of flowers
  8. Leaves rain on the autumn wreath

fluorescent colors

That the autumn wreath is a round thing, is actually well known! So far so good! But that this autumn wreath can radiate in so many colors, fascinates us a bit already. The various design variants impress in the look of the season.

So come to the natural pieces - such as leaves, rose hips, hydrangeas, branches & Co. - and on is the craft fun!

Colorful autumn wreath

What you need: Autumn leaves, hydrangeas, roses, physalis, rose hip wire ring 30 cm in diameter. (from the florist / handicraft store) MyrtendrahtSchleifenbandRosenschere

Here's how it works: 1. Cut green and flowers. Put together a few stems and attach them to the wire ring with myrtle wire.2. Lay green and flowers in scaly form over and over and tie with wire until the circle is closed.3. Hang up with a ribbon.

An autumn wreath of birch bark and lanterns

You need: Styrofoam wreath (craft shop) thin birch slabs (craft shop or florist) Physalis (craft shop or florist) Hot glue and hot glue gunChristmas ball, squirrel (House Doctor) scissors

And this is how it works: 1. Divide birch slabs into smaller sections with scissors.2. Glue sections onto the styrofoam ring in a scale with hot glue.3. Glue Physalis and Christmas balls also with hot glue.

Floating autumn wreath with pumpkins

You need: 2 layers Moos1 straw mattress about 30cm (from the florist, from about 3.50 €) green myrtle wire (from the florist / craft shop, roll from about 2 €) approx. 8-10 small ornamental squashes some dried branches (collected by the florist or self) 3 physalis3 stems rosehips in red2 small deco molds (craft shop) hot glue gun and hot glue ca. 4, 20 m natural cord in beige toothpick scissors

And this is how it works: 1. Lay moss on the straw wreath and wrap it around with myrtle wire. Wrap the underside of the wreath with moss as well.2. Pumpkins on the underside each provided with 3 toothpicks and stuck in the wreath. If the stop is not sufficient, fix pumpkins with hot glue.3. Spread branches on the wreath between the pumpkins. For better grip, clamp some branches under the myrtle wire. Fix physalis, mushrooms and rose hips with hot glue.5. Divide the cord into 1.4 m long pieces.6. Draw cord sections around the garland body at three points and firmly knot the ends at the top, so that there are two approx. 60 cm long cords for hanging.7. Hang the wreath on the cords.

Rural autumn wreath with apples

You need: 15-20 branchesHot glue gun and hot glue6-8 ornamental apples3-5 mini apples2-4 stalks thistles1-2 panicles of pink pepperPaketband

And this is how it works: 1. Fix branches to a wreath together with hot glue.2. Place ornamental and mini apples in the garland with hot glue.3. Stick thistles and pink pepper in the spaces between the garland and fix with hot glue if necessary.4. Wreath with parcel tape hanging on the door.

Autumn wreath with rosehips and roses

What you need: Rosehip branchesBindedrahtevtl. 1 bunch of roses in orange flower scissors

And this is how it works: 1. Bend rose hips into a wreath, tie individual branches together with ribbon or wire, so that the wreath shape is retained. Hook other branches together.2. Possibly. Put roses in the wreath.3. Glass birds in the wreath pinch.

Autumn wreath with deer

You need: different types of rose hip with long stems some willow branches (already bent to the wreath, by the florist) some stalks Callicarpa (beauty fruit / love pearl bush) some Iceland mossHeißklebepistole and hot glue ribbon in Petroleine deer figurine made of wood (eg of table) possibly. a pigtail (from the florist) rose scissors

Here's how it works : 1. The rosehip stems work around the willow ring.2. Partially intertwine the stems.3. Put Callicarpa and Iceland moss with hot glue between the berries.4. Attach the band to the garland for hanging.5. Stick the wooden deer in the wreath at the bottom, fix it with a wire if necessary.

(Lamellar background: French shutters, pair for € 85.00, 37 x 109 cm wooden deer:

Autumn wreath with mini apples

What you need: apple wreaths straw wreath red ribbon or red crepe paper sticks ornamental apples toothpick trepare. Christbaumanhängerevtl. Hot glue gun and hot glue scissors

Here's how it works: 1. Wrap the straw wreath (size as you like) with a wide, red ribbon or wide strips of crepe paper. Stick tape or paper strip with pins in some places.2. Pinned apples in three rings on toothpicks in the straw wreath. Working from the inside to the outside.3. Decorate wreath possibly with some Christmas tree tags.

WOHNIDEE tip : The wreath is a bit more stable when the apples are fixed with hot glue instead of toothpicks.

(Cloth napkins: BUNGALOW,, 3-parts red-white, Item No .: 4329521, 24, 95 Euro Remaining props: Own)

An autumn wreath, like a colorful bouquet of flowers

What you need: 10 pieces of lantern flowers6-7 branches of large rosehip6-7 branches of small rosehip (Multiflora) 8-9 branches of rowan berriestwinkle wire support wireHot glue gun + hot glue band (craft store) knife rose scissors

And this is how it works: 1. Free the lantern flowers, rosehips and rowanberries from excess green and cut them into small twigs.2. Wrap a wreath out of winding wire. Stabilize this wire wreath with support wire.3. Always put 2-3 rosehip twigs and rowanberry twigs together and wrap with binding wire until a 50 cm long chain is formed.4. Bend the chain into a wreath and wire the ends together.5. Glue the lantern flowers individually onto the garland with a hot glue gun.6. Knot a loop ribbon around the ends and possibly hang the wreath on it.

(Wooden board: Bloomingville, article number 904011, 221 €, about: jug with plate: Ib Laursen, article number 1963-11, about 30 €, about: Bank: Car; Model, upholstered bench with cushions, cream: TEBAPS1022WAW; 259 €, via: Metal sign: Ludwig & Co; € 6.55, via:

Leaves rain on the autumn wreath

What you need: Foliage (eg oak) IlexMyrtendraht (craft shop)

And this is how it works: 1. Make a wreath out of leaves and Ilex. For this, always combine a few stems, if necessary, wrap around with myrtle wire and tie another tuft to it like a scaly. Lay the leaves in scaly form over and over and tie them up with wire until the circle is closed.2. To put the finished wreath a band for suspension.

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