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The hottest trend of the summer: shoulder free!

Topless - and yet dressed! This is how the new shoulderless trend works this summer. Even more outfit inspirations after the CLICK ...
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The bare shoulder becomes the body part of the season

Shoulders are the new cleavage! The subtle sensuality does not work this summer with deep insights, but off-the-shoulder tops and blouses. Here: How to wear it and where to shop.

Shoulders do not have a good reputation: they twitch with them indifferently, sometimes even showing a cold and every now and then gets the problems of another on his dumped. But the top trend of the summer makes for a change of direction - and the shoulders finally get the big performance they deserve. Off-shoulder blouses, off-the-shoulder tops and dresses with a carmen neckline are the playful, summery way to show off skin. Less direct than cleavage and mini skirt, but at least as hot.

The trend parts are available in various styles: Simple clean-chic blouses, playful hippie pieces and light beach dresses score as well with off-the-shoulder casualness as classic Carmen blouses and timeless Bardot tops. And they all have one thing in common: Strapless stretches! The upper body looks longer, as more skin is shown. Easy but effective.

Another plus point of this summer trend: Unlike breasts, legs and buttocks, most women like their shoulders. It is not a classic "problem zone" to which we have already read hundreds of optimizations. There is no perfect shoulder. And also no imperfect. There is no couple that looks better on the beach than another. Which means that women should have nothing but positive feelings for their shoulders. A trend that is fun for everyone? That's perfect!

But there is a rule. In Off-Shouder parts it means: keep your attitude. It's better to sit back and stretch your back, so it's better. Especially beautiful looks a strapless top then still with a touch of sun tan on the skin. If you want to help, just brush some bronzing powder.

What to wear under off-the-shoulder tops and blouses?

Many balconette bras can be worn with or without straps. They support even a big breast and disappear completely under off-shoulder tops. Silicone straps secure the fit to strapless straps. Also ideal for strapless dresses: Bandeau tops, which can also shimmer through white blouses. Better not: Transparent rubber straps, which usually attract more attention than they visually disappear. So, and now we show the cold shoulder at most even bad weather.

You can see the most beautiful strapless tops and blouses from the online shops here ...

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