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Knitting instructions: knit sweater by yourself

The homemade pullover shines in a feminine color.
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When the days get shorter, we also like to stay home. What is there more beautiful than by candlelight and cookies to knit a sweater while the wind whistles through the streets outside ?!

The decision is sometimes difficult: how should the new self-made sweater look like? We decided on a feminine pink. "SUPERCOOL" is the name of the wool for which our heart is beating - and this is how the new favorite part in the wardrobe should look!

Of course you can knit a sweater that looks simple - but that's too easy for us today! Come on with the creative ideas, we think, and opt for the ajour pattern!

What is an ajour pattern?

It is simply a hole pattern, which is knitted. We want that and use our weekend for a bit of manual work.

Who wants to imitate the good piece, for this we have the sweater - knitting instructions .

To knitting instructions: sweater

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