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Depression - first aid to the soul

When anger and sadness overwhelms you, you can come up with the threat of depression with small first aid measures.
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When anger, sadness or stress have thrown you off track

1. First Aid Measures in Depression - Laughter, exercise and music dispel bad thoughts

Walking, cleaning the bathroom, going up and down stairs ... Exercise is an effective way to reduce anger, relieve grief, and clear your head . Laughter helps in the short term. Funny stories make you think differently. Also good: listen to beautiful music.

Tip: To banish disturbing thoughts with the words: "Now I can relax, I'll take care of you later." Long-term recommendation: breathing exercises and progressive muscle relaxation (courses in the VHS). Both bring the inner balance back quickly.

2. First Aid Measures in Depression - Friends and books give new courage

A first aid can be to trust a friend. So you do not get too much into the existing, problematic situation and besides, it just sounds good to speak out. Writing a diary is another great way to approach, illuminate, classify, and find solutions to a problem. You may also get some courage from books. Suitable are psychological counselors (booksellers ask) and biographies of interesting people.

3. Depression First Aid Measure - a pinch of "self-love" & calming the grip into the "comfort box"

Only those who feel good, have a healthy soul. Therefore: pamper yourself z. For example, with a hairdresser or sauna, a massage or a fragrant bath. Also helpful: a grasp in the "comfort box", in the holiday photos, old love letters, small gifts from loved ones and similar souvenirs are.

4. First aid in case of depression - dropping ballast makes the mind easier

Free up your busy schedule of too many commitments. Say NO more often and slow down your life. Instead, treat yourself to quiet moments. How about a forest walk? When was the last time you balanced on a log? Now walk barefoot for a while in summer. How does the forest floor feel? Listen to yourself. You will notice how well you are doing.

5. First Aid Measures in Depression - Positive Thoughts Expose Strengths

Another first aid measure may be to accept your crisis. Then you no longer feel like a victim, but as a problem solver. Instead of "I can never do that" then they say: "I've mastered quite different things and I'll manage that too". Believe in yourself and in your abilities. You will see: With the motto "Where one door closes, another one opens up soon", you'll feel better.

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