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Wedding GagThis flower girl is a grandpa!

How sweet! Flower girls are always cute, but this is very special.

Photo: youtube

Because this flower girl is actually a grandpa.

Grandparents are now doing everything possible: Firefighters want tattoos or tailor great wedding dresses, but what makes this grandfather is really sooo sweet. Jen Briskin, 29, always knew she wanted to include her beloved grandfather in her wedding ceremony. But, how does that work? He is not a pastor and the bride's father leads her to the altar. Without further ado, Jen decided that her grandfather should play the flower girl.

After the idea was born, all she had to do was ask her grandfather. In addition she embroidered a cloth handkerchief with the inscription: "Would you like to be my flower opa?" And of course, the 85-year-old Stanley did not say twice and agreed. The Blumenopa was a surprise not only for the wedding guests, but also for the bridegroom, who opened his eyes when Grandpa Stanley suddenly scattered the flowers.

How it looked then exactly, you can see here in the video.