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This is behind the vagina bag

Golden: This version of the vagina bag is a real eye-catcher

A bag in the form of a vagina - and that's no joke!

Imagine sitting in the subway of a woman opposite and you see her best piece - her vagina. Yes, indeed: that would be really intimate. But not if this vagina is actually a bag. Sounds gaga, but the pussy pouch has a message to take seriously.

One day, designer Rachel Feinberg from New York took the subway. Packed with bags, she spotted a vacant seat and sat down quickly. Her legs crossed and her bag laid in her lap.

And suddenly Rachel fell like scales from her eyes: Why do men sit as naturally as they are everywhere they are, legs spread wide apart with all fours? Your best piece well staged. Women, on the other hand, clamp their legs together, crossing their arms and making themselves as small as possible. Stop it, Rachel thought. And the idea for the vagina bag was born.

A bag for women who want to be just as relaxed and confident as men. Want to go "wide-legged" with both legs through the world. With the vagina bag by her side. No reason to hide the bag screams so formal.

A photo posted by DAMNsel (@hellodamnsel) on May 28, 2015 at 9:25 am

Soft leather and good workmanship: The Pussy Bag is not a joke product, but a designer bag. And that also has its price. The purse starts with around 150 euros up to the shopper for around 700 euros. Here you can order the bag.

That's what the designer herself says about her pussy bag

Wunderweib: Who dares to wear the vagina bag on the street?

Rachel Feinberg: "The Pussy-Bag is for individualists who believe in gender equality, and they want to be involved in the political debate."

Wunderweib: Is the bag really a serious fashion statement?

"The bag is definitely not a joke." The Pussy Pouch Collection is made of high-quality lambskin leather handbags and because it has a vagina as a motive, it does not mean that the workmanship has not been emphasized. Bags that look good and make a political statement. "

Wunderweib: Where can I buy the pussy pouch?

"You can buy the bags directly on the website And we also send to Germany We are still a very small company Anyone who has questions can contact us anytime We are glad if we can help."


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