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Owl biscuits

Blogger Merle on delicious eye-catchers

Hello dear JOY readers,

In the hope that you love sweets just as much as me, I introduce you here to one of my favorite recipes.

If I bake before, then I make it my task to bring something exceptionally good tasting, with accompanying eye-catching guarantee.

Photo: Guest blogger Merle

These cute owl biscuits are not only decorative and therefore almost too good to consume, but on top of that also very delicious.

If you do not manage to plaster all of them directly on your own, then these little friends are sure to make a very good gift idea.

When I carried them on a plate across the well-attended park to take pictures with them, they immediately attracted everyone's attention and conjured up smiles in all kinds of faces.

Also they float to me as a special eye-catcher on events of any kind or just before the next girls evening.

I have used a shortbread shortcrust pastry and now, due to its simple nature, I do not have to buy any other expensive originals in the British delicatessen, when my occasional fancy of slightly salty-tasting and butter-delicately sweet-tasting pastries comes up.

Have fun with it!

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