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10 new ways to wear plaid

Not at all pissed off

Because diamonds have always been the best pattern, we are giving you 10 new ways to style the great plaid pattern.

Check is back - or was never dead.

10 ways. Check to wear
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And the pattern is no longer just to be seen on tartan, punk pants or school uniform. Plaid - as the American calls it - is often woven from coarser fabrics like flannel. That is why Karo is predestined for the autumn clothes. But to make sure you do not get bored in the closet, we've found 10 styles how to reinterpret the old check pattern.

This is how Karo works! Tips for styling the trend pattern!

1st blazer

The checked blazer made of solid material looks great as an eye-catcher over monochrome clothing. But dares something. The squares also go well with other graphic motifs such as polka dots, stripes or animal prints.

2. clothes

A short denim or biker jacket gives a straight dress made of plaid an edgy look. The length of the jacket defines your body shape and accentuates the waist. Looks just super modern.

3rd sweater

Sweaters and cardigans in tartan look just wonderfully comfortable. If the top is made of fluffy wool, so much the better! The warm sweater can be well combined with the favorite shorts or mini skirt. This will squeeze the last bit of summer from the good parts in the fall.

4. Pants

So that the check pattern also looks nice and elegant on the leg, it should not be too colorful. Stay a minimalist and choose a two-tone pattern. However, if you want to miss the full punk drone, take the tartan pattern.

5th two-parter

Wear either a matching two-parter or use different check sizes in the same color. This creates a super cute casual look.

6. Coats

When it gets really cold outside, reach for the coat. Remember, it's the only piece of clothing that most people look at you. Therefore: Do not worry so much about what you are wearing underneath and if the Manter pattern fits your outfit. Zipper or buttons close to the top and off you go on the road for a chic walk on the Trottoire.

7. Accessories

A small snippet of diamonds makes them good everywhere. for example on bags, shoes or scarves. Even sunglasses with a pattern can look extremely cool. Somehow this may not sound so suitable for everyday use, but: Karo has never been really outmoded. A great checked pattern is therefore one of the classics that you should have in the closet.

8. Pencil Skirts

Put on a Karorock to make a warm winter sweater a bit sexier or spice up your monochrome office shirt. Works amazingly well.

9. T-shirts

A t-shirt made of plaid is a great alternative to a blouse. It works great in it. However, make sure that the neckline and cuffs of the T-shirt are well made. In addition, you should stay away from Jersey and rather resort to thicker knits or fabrics.

10th layer look

Checking does not have to be hard work. The tartan pattern becomes light and light on semi-transparent materials. Especially for the transitional period, the layered look is perfect.

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